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Prepare for what? - It sounded good at the time

Mar. 25th, 2010

08:50 am - Prepare for what?

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I have a contingency plan for power outages.

I have a contingency plan for data loss.

I have a contingency plan for hardware failure.

But tell me, how does anyone plan around the air conditioner unit1 in the server room losing its compressor causing the temperature to hit over 90 degrees which causes the IT boys for the other company in the building to plug in a bunch of fans which trips the power strip in my rack taking down half of my servers?

1It was, actually, the back up unit that went down. Since, at least, two new full racks have been introduced to that room since the btu's were originally calculated, the main system couldn't do it on its own. (And, no, those racks aren't mine. My one little rack still isn't completely full.)